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Even the most knowledgeable investor knows that in today’s market environment, information about the financial markets alone is not enough. It takes the advice of an investment professional to put all of that information into context; to know not only what to buy and sell, but when; to determine which strategies are complementary to your personal financial goals and to make sure your portfolio is properly positioned. At the heart of your investment experience at Gold Coast Securities is your Investment Professional. He or she has the training, knowledge and experience to offer you sound financial and investment advice. Your Investment Professional is attuned to your specific financial needs. He or she will consider the many variables before creating an investment strategy tailored to help you meet your individual needs. An example of the steps your GCS Investment Professional may follow is the four-step process described below:

  1. Define Your Financial Goals: Together, you and your Investment Professional will take into account your current assets, how much you would like to put to work for you, your attitudes towards risk and how long you would like to remain invested.
  2. Allocate Your Assets: After your financial goals, sensitivity towards risk and investment horizon are assessed, your Investment Professional will help you to choose the investment vehicles that are suitable for you. More important than the individual securities you hold in your portfolio, proper asset allocation can increase the potential for returns while mitigating individual sector risk. Putting all your eggs in one basket can cause problems even in investing.
    All investments in securities involve risk and can fluctuate in value, including the possible loss of the principal invested. Past performance is not an indication of, nor a guarantee of, future results.
  3. Implementing Your Strategy: After your personal needs are defined and your assets properly allocated, your portfolio strategy will be implemented. Typically, you will receive a single monthly statement containing the information you need to properly assess your account. Remember, your Investment Professional can assist you in all aspects of investing.
  4. Monitor Your Portfolio: Periodically, your Investment Professional will review your portfolio to determine if it is performing within reasonable expectations in light of possible market fluctuations or lifestyle changes. It is common sense to have someone monitoring your portfolio that has the knowledge and resources available to know, act and react to the dynamic financial markets on your behalf. Your Investment Professional is there to help you achieve what is truly important to you and your portfolio.

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Individual Investors

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